Customer Testimonials

Kevin – Co. Derry

We have been using the Dog fence System for over 2 years and I have to say it has given my mother so much peace of mind.

Before we installed the system it looked like she would have to give her wee westie away. It had become to much for her to take the dog out a few times a day for a walk etc.. 

She could’nt let the dog out on its own because it would go to far away and often get lost resulting in us having to drive around for a few hours to find her. Needless to say the worry was just getting to much.

When we first looked at Dog Fence a lot of friends and family said it would hurt the dog and disagreed it was a good idea. So i tested myself and I was surprised with the little jolt it gives you. Its not painful more surprising.

So with this knowledge we tried it out on our wee westie, she got one jolt and ever since she has stayed within the boundaries of the garden and it really has been a god send.

So thank you Jason and thank you Dog Fence
if anyone wants to contact and ask me any more questions please do




Jason – Co. Wexford

We have had a dog fence since January and can’t recommend it enough ! Our Miniature Schnauzer used to wonder often as a pup. As we live on a sheep farm and also close to the road we simply needed something to ease our anxiety of some thing happening to him. Jason was extremely helpful over the phone and we had no trouble setting up our fence. Our lad took to it without any issues and after only a few corrections learned his boundaries. We can now confidently leave him home alone without any worries of him straying to the road or chasing the sheep. Happy customers here in Wexford.




Marion – Co. Louth

We have had the Dog Watch system since January and it has been a god send!
It was definitely worth getting Jason to come and install the system for us, we wouldn’t have taken on with it ourselves.
Barry broke the boundary once the day after it was installed as he was still getting used to the system but in 8 months he has never tried it again.
He is by nature a little wanderer and escape artist but the Dog Watch system has been fantastic!
All summer we were able to leave Barry out all day in the garden and know he will be there when we return home.
He doesn’t mind the collar at all (which I was concerned about) and as you can see in the pic he is happy to wear it and we know he is safe.
We would highly recommend Jason, Dog Fence NI



Jill – Co. Derry

Just a quick note to say how great DogFence NI and Ireland has been to keep Harry, (our friendly but rather large and wayward!) Rottie in tow. The installation was very straight forward and we have had no problems whatsoever since. A great service and product!


Martin – Co. Cork

Wouldn’t be one for writing reviews but I received a text from Jason from Dog Fence and thought I would share how we have found the product. After having a much cheaper product previously I decided to do some research before I bought a replacement fence. I spoke to Jason on the phone before deciding which product was for our dog. He was very helpful and we decided to buy the fence and install ourselves which was quite easy. The fence has been in our garden for over a year now and the dog has the collar on whenever he is in the garden. The technical info will tell you of all the differences to the other systems on the market however a couple of things stood out for me:

One major one was that the collar should not go off in error or by interfearance. Our old collar would beep randomly and although it wasn’t shocking the dog, he would get confused and sit down wherever he was. I have not once heard this collar go off in error and the dog consistently knows where he can go in the garden because of it. Other major differences were that there was a life time guarantee on the collar unit (including if it is chewed by the dog). Ours still is as good as the day it arrived so I imagine they don’t have to replace many. Also when we recovered the collar the size was too big for our dog and a smaller one was sent out free of charge. 

Overall I’m very happy with the product and I’m sure if I had any problems they would be happy to help. This is worth looking at before you head to you local pet shop and buy another brand.



Linda – Co. Kilkenny


Thank you Dog Fence Ireland for making having our two dogs much more enjoyable. Before the fence was installed the dogs had to be inside the house or in their enclosure – as they would run out on the road. Now they have the run of the full garden and they, and we, are much happier. Our garden is large and hilly so installing a fence ourselves would have been very difficult. Jason arrived and installed it underground over a few hours; it has worked perfectly ever since. Jason also commenced training the dogs for us and we were surprised how quickly they learned how to stop once they heard the beep!!


I would completely recommend Dog Fence



Declan – Co. Fermanagh


Well Jason, system has been up and running now for 7 weeks and is working well so far. Great peace of mind knowing our dog has the freedom of the property but can’t get out on the road or go roaming. If it works for our 8 stone Akita it will work for any dog!!



Jean – Co. Wicklow


Until I became aware of the dog fence having a dog in our family was never an option as we have a large open garden and would not be able to keep it from wandering.

I researched different types of fence systems that are on the market and finally chose Dog Watch.

With the security promised by the Dog Watch system, we were finally able to get a lovely Miniature Jack Russell. When she was 6 months old we put her Dog Watch collar on (they have different sizes and a nice small one for little dogs!). It took about a week to train her to the warning sound around the boundary. She received a couple of shocks but learnt so quickly that if she went too close to the boundary the beeping noise would alert her to a shock if she went further. Some people say it is cruel, but Bonnie has not had a shock for 3 years now as she knows her boundaries. She has a large area to enjoy and I have no worries about her being run over by a car or being shot by a farmer for worrying his sheep.

We now have a new companion for Bonnie, I emailed Jason Speirs in Dog watch to order a new Collar. Within half an hour he had called me, he advised on the most suitable size and shape of collar for our new larger, fluffier dog! I remarked how happy I have been with his service and the reliability of the whole system.

The dogs have brought a lot of pleasure to our family and without Dog Watch they would not have been a possible addition. It is so worth it for the peace of mind of knowing the dogs are safe, and in addition the company is a pleasure to deal with.

I thoroughly recommend this system.


Co. Wicklow



Fiona – Co. Down


Hi Jason, just a quick note to say thank you so much for such a professional service. The system is working perfectly and it is such a relief to be able to keep the dogs secure and happy to be able to run around off the lead.

Kind regards



Teresa – Co. Fermanagh


This is Rusty our very happy 18 month old Akita. Thanks to the dog fence he now can run free and has worked a treat. He so use to it now that he stays well within his boundary. Rusty is very stubborn and head strong but this system has been totally effective. Would definitely recommend this product if like us you want your dog to run free knowing that he is safe and secure in your property giving you total peace of mind.



Stewart – Co. Down


Thanks to Jason for his usual efficient, excellent and professional service.


I had DogFence installed two years ago, but failed to take the advice to enclose the whole garden.  That was remedied with a follow up visit.


The equipment remains excellent and I strongly recommend the product!



Maurice – Co. Cork


Three years ago I bought a System 1200.  I have a large garden which is open onto a road.  It was easy to install around the garden. 

It works really well and our labrador stays well back from the fence even if it’s turned off. The battery went in the dog collar and we got a prompt delivery to county Cork, of a new battery from Dog Fence Ireland.





Mary – Co. Mayo


When we got our dog 4 years ago we tried everything to stop him from 
leaving our property and disappearing for hours on end to no avail.
We decided to install a dog fence and have had complete peace of mind  ever
It was quick and easy to have installed and the training  method with Tyson
was a complete success.
He has never left our property since we installed the fence. The  fence
itself is made of strong wire and if there is a break it is easy to  fix,
unlike a cheaper fence we had previously which was a waste of  time, effort and
money.  The battery in the collar has a very long  life, 2 years so far and
when it needs changing the collar flashes a  warning light.
I have found this system excellent and would recommend it to anyone  with a



Glen – Co. Wicklow

When we got our little Rosie, we were terrified that she would escape from
our garden so of course, we tended to keep her indoors (for the 1st week)
till we heard from a neighbour about Dog Fence. Well were we in for a
pleasant surprise!  We use the “Groundskeeper” product and got extra cable
to surround our property. We got excellent friendly pre purchase unbiased
advise from Jason. It arrived in the post 2 days after ordering and
probably took me about half a day to install the cable around the garden
carefully and neatly (1/3 acre) so it isn’t too much of an issue. You are
better off doing the installation right first time so you don’t run over
the cable with your lawnmower. It was a piece of cake to train Rosie about
the Dog Fence and other than the initial 1st shock she got, it didn’t cause
her any harm at all. Nearly 2 yrs on, still working perfectly and a very
safe system.Despite what you might initially think that the system is
expensive, believe we when I tell you I did my homework and in the long
run, it is excellent value for money. Glen Reid, Greystones
Cheers, Glen


Derek – Co. Down

Thanks for setting us up with the performance series dog fence here at our home.
It has proven invaluable with our 2 large dogs and following your prescribed training both dogs are safely enjoying the freedom outside while guarding our home – it has given us real peace of mind!
Your manner during the install was very professional (nothing was too much of a problem!) not to mention the great after sales advice and maintenance of the system.
I can’t recommend dog fence enough to anyone considering making the step – following the correct training we have had no problems or accidental corrections as I have often heard of with other systems – it’s a reliable, quality assured and affordable product meeting the dog owners need. Great for large spacious areas which would be difficult and costly to fence by other means.



Giovanni – Co. Derry


I can recommend dog fence, it works really well for my 2 Irish Wolfhounds.

I have enclosed this two and a half acre field. The dogs won’t go any closer than this to the boundary, and the dogs do not look to cross the boundary.