Professionally Installed Dog Fence Packages

We have tailored packages to suit your property and dogs requirements.  All of our Professionally Installed Dog Fence System come with a lifetime containment and equipment guarantee. Please choose from the options below.

1200 Fence Package

The 1200Fence offers the safety, reliability and quality of our industry leading ProFence system, with just a few less features. Now you can get all the technology and performance you’ve come to expect from DogWatch in a more economical package. 

Pro Fence Package

DogWatch® Hidden Fences keep your pets safe and are safe for your pets. Our hidden fences allow pets to run, play and exercise so they stay happy and healthy. With DogWatch, your pets will stay safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them to be. 

SmartFence Package

The SmartFence® underground fence system combines DogWatch patented FM radio technology and all the features of our award winning ProFence with new mobile connectivity features. With the SmartFence, your dog will stay safe and happy, and you’ll stay connected – wherever you are! 

Comparsion Table

1200 Fence

  Pro Fence

Smart Fence

Maximum Cable Capacity




Training Settings




Signal Type

FM Safelink

FM Safelink

FM Safelink

Professional Installation and Training

No interference from metal objects

No false activation guarantee

Comfort fit contacts

Lifetime Containment Promise

Lifetime Warranty

Lightning protection

Tattle tale feature

Auto memory

Battery backup

WiFi enabled

Two way communication
App connectivity